Authentic Viñales Tours


My Secret Places in Viñales

You discover the authentic Viñales in the company of an expert local guide. We visit a tobacco farm, where you meet the owner who shares with us his life long experience growing that important product for the region and the country. You learn how to roll a cigar with your own hands and then, with a Cuban coffee, you smoke an authentic puro. You enjoy a horseback tour ( tamed and docile animals) through the heart of Viñales valley where you see breathtaking views and you learn about the local flora and fauna. You interact with peasants and learn about their lives and works.

We visit a traditional countryside house where the family shows us the whole coffee process (sun drying, roasting and grinding) and they serves us a refreshing traditional cocktail called Guaraton ( sugar cane juice, lemon, grapefruit, honey and a typical rum from Pinar del Rio).

In a family restaurant, with one of best views from the valley, you are served with a wonderful and traditional Cuban lunch and two drinks.

Time of excursion: From 4 to 5 hours.
Price: 45 cuc per guest.

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